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December 12, 2022

Many companies now use eLearning gamification to motivate learners and improve learning activities. By incorporating gaming mechanics into traditional learning modules, businesses can keep learners engaged and interested in continuing their education. This approach is particularly effective with younger generations who have grown up playing video games.

Several of our customers have engaged the CoSo design team to develop gaming activities within their learning environments. Below are a few examples of projects.

Adobe Learning Manager Training Promotions

Promoting and rewarding training activities is a fantastic way to direct focus to specific training. For many learning audiences, training is voluntary but not any less critical for sales teams and resellers. By creating and advertising promotions on particular training courses, our customers see a significant increase in learner activities. We’ve seen the promotion rewards range from $10 to $2000 for the programs we deliver for our customers.

A Game A Day Arcades for Headless LMSs

LMS Arcades provide increased fun, and if we slip in a bit of learning, then we’ve done our job. Just like arcades of the past and present, they are a fun way to blow off steam and sharpen skills simultaneously. We have seen a variety of approaches ranging from games created in Captivate and other tools packaged within a SCORM folder. Then, of course, there are the classics such as Jeopardy, Trivia, and Scrabble.

What if you wanted a deeper connection with your learners? What if learners were waiting for the next game as if it were a Black Friday sale? CoSo is releasing a Learning Arcade, starting with the first game at the end of Q1, which can be attached to Headless environments or stand-alone next to the native Adobe Learning Manager environments. These games are easy to manage for administrators, and they keep your learners notified when a new game is released to keep site traffic high and learners engaged.

Synchronous Gaming with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Gaming Pod

How many virtual sessions have you attended that are incredibly boring? We’ve all been there. It could be due to various reasons, from boring content to instructors struggling to keep learners engaged. Whatever the reason, mixing a little fun into the learning experience is refreshing. CoSo has recently developed a series of gaming pods that can be added to Adobe Connect rooms. These games will be released during the first half of 2023. Gaming pods can include an integrated leaderboard and menu to deliver games to the participants in the room. Games include Spin the Wheel, Click and Reveal, and Memory Game. These are games that can be played using a variety of topics selected by the facilitator.

Close the Customer

Another fun game directed toward the sales audience is Close the Customer. The participants are presented with a series of questions. Then, depending on how well the learners answer, the customer avatar moves closer to or walks away from the sale. It is fun and includes a randomizer to select the next participant to answer questions without duplication.


Utilizing gamification to enhance learners during their journey is proven to be a source of motivation for them to perform better. Learning leaders can insert gamification into various activities and goals that require encouragement to stay engaged.

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