Training Managers, It’s Time for Fall Cleaning!


October 9, 2019

It’s fall, and while ‘spring cleaning’ is the phrase you more often hear, fall is another great time to take a fresh look at your virtual training or eLearning program. You’re back from your summer vacation. Perhaps you’ve had time to noodle over some new ideas. And let’s not forget, 2020 is just around the corner. Out with the old and in with the new, right?

So, what are some ways training managers can freshen up their programs and ensure they’re ready for the new year? We’re glad you asked:

  1. Create a new training calendar for the new year:
    Insert the topics you believe your workers will most benefit from. What new business-driving trends are emerging? What new risks must be confronted? What new best practices need to be shared?
  2. Query the workforce:
    Issue an internal survey. What session topics do they feel they could benefit from?
  3. Schedule some time with the C-level suite:
    What are next year’s business priorities and strategies? How will they need workers to be aligned? What skills do they need to learn or brush up on? Fit these sessions along with the best ones from your survey into your calendar.
  4. Evaluate your current program:
    What worked? What didn’t? How well is your program improving performance and better supporting the business? Do you need to set new expectations for your learning outcomes? How can your sessions be more efficient and effective? How can learner engagement be improved?
  5. Review your session content:
    How can your content be streamlined or better worded? Does anything need to be updated to ensure it’s not out of touch or tone deaf? Are you incorporating a healthy mix of text, images, video and interactive features? Are your graphics and overall style in tune with the latest design trends? Has all course feedback been considered and incorporated as necessary? How do your onboarding sessions or perennial topics need to be updated? Which topics have outlived their usefulness and should be deleted altogether?
  6. Research:
    Make sure you’re up on all the latest trends and technologies eLearning and virtual training have to offer. What new features and best practices should you implement into your program?
  7. Ensure compliance:
    Work with your compliance officer and/or legal team to ensure all aspects of your program and content are in compliance with all the latest regulatory requirements.

Happy fall cleaning!

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