Delivering Better Language and Culture Training for the Military


March 7, 2023

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with The Unconventional, an organization doing critical work supporting the training needs of our armed forces. Together, we’re building the next generation of TUTOR (The Unconventional Training On Request), an eLearning platform hosted within CoSo’s FedRAMP platform. This secure environment integrates Adobe Connect, Adobe Learning Manager, and a tailored Learning Management System (LMS).

Our partnership will enhance the TUTOR user experience and offer a more robust, secure, and feature-rich platform for DoD personnel and other users worldwide.

Secure learning ashore, at sea—anywhere

While The Unconventional delivers a wide range of training, including tactical training, one of its specialties is Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC). These are the trainings that military members and others go through before and during overseas assignments, deployments, and interactions with people from different cultures. LREC provides language instruction and tutoring, cultural orientation learning, and service- and mission-specific instruction.

Much of this training is delivered through eLearning platforms, making its robust resources accessible anywhere in the world. For example, the Navy’s eLearning program Navy EDGE allows naval personnel to prepare for deployments to fleet concentration areas like South Korea and Bahrain from mobile and desktop devices both ashore and at sea.

High consequence means high security

Naturally, any training the military does is high-consequence, which made our partnership with The Unconventional very natural for this project. By building the new TUTOR platform within our already-tested and FedRAMP-certified environment, The Unconventional has an enormous head start in getting this new, enhanced training into the hands of the soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors, and others who will rely on it for the success of their missions.

This partnership is exciting for us because it’s truly a win-win-win for CoSo, The Unconventional, and the US Military. Our goals are all the same: to offer engaging, safe, and effective language and culture training programs. With our combined technology and experience, CoSo and The Unconventional are uniquely positioned to meet those goals.

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