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Employees Want to Learn but Question Employer Training

Apr 6, 2017   /   by

Our Survey Shows Workers Want to Learn but Question Employer Training Are your workers getting the most out of your eLearning sessions? According to the recent results of our new Learning in the Workplace Survey, not so much. While workers for the most part seem receptive to training—a whopping 98% consider company-sponsored education important, three […]

4 Quick Tips To Create Visual Impact in Adobe Connect

Mar 16, 2017   /   by

With a virtual classroom, one of the most exciting benefits is the ability to customize.  One of the most common questions customers ask is how to quickly add visual impact.  The great news is Adobe Connect has great tools easily handy to create impressive visual presentations.  Below are 4 quick tips to up your game and […]

Survey Shows Your Workforce Is Fine with Sharing Sensitive eLearning Data

Feb 16, 2017   /   by

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about eLearning security. No, it wasn’t about an eLearning session on security (like the first ten posts that come up when search for “eLearning security” on Google). It was about the need for organizations to start taking the matter more seriously. Think about it. What kind of information […]

It’s Time to Start Talking about eLearning Security

Jan 30, 2017   /   by

It’s funny. When I ask people if they ever think about eLearning security, they often come back with the same thing: “You mean security training?” It pretty much answers my question: When it comes to eLearning, security isn’t quite top of mind. And yet, it’s an area where sensitive information is being shared about an […]

CoSo Cloud Receives SOC-II Certification for Data Security

Jan 25, 2017   /   by

Yesterday was an exciting day for CoSo Cloud.  We announced receipt of our Service Organization Control 2 Type II (SOC-II) attestation.  Independent validation that the company’s internal security controls are in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria (TSPC) was conducted. The AICPA created the SOC guidelines […]

Still Using WebEx to Train? Here’s What You’re Missing:

Nov 14, 2016   /   by

Still using WebEx to train workers? We get it. With Web-Ex, you can deliver the same quality training programs your competitors do. But that’s the problem. Success doesn’t come to those who do the exact same thing their competitors do. Today’s organization competes in a knowledge economy. Competitive edge depends on information and effective application […]

Five Ways to Get ‘Ghosted’ by Your Learners

Oct 31, 2016   /   by

Ghosted. It’s not a Halloween “thing,” exactly. But it’s plenty scary—at least for training professionals. Are your learners disappearing on you? Maybe fading during a session? Or simply not showing up? If so, you’ve been ghosted and are probably guilty of committing at least one of the following ghoulish crimes!   1. You made the […]

The Newest Ways to Engage Learners

Oct 24, 2016   /   by

In 2009, a Gallup State of the American Workplace report came out that showed organizations that were able to successfully engage both customers and employees could experience a 240 percent boost in performance-related business gains. Most organizations must not have gotten the word. Six years later, another Gallup report showed only 32 percent of U.S. […]

How We Built GM’s Platform for Mobile Training

Oct 18, 2016   /   by

General Motors is the world’s largest automotive corporation and full-line vehicle manufacturer. To provide 300,000 sales and other employees at more than 6,000 dealerships around the world with the most immersive training experience, GM and tech leader Raytheon turned
to ConnectSolutions (CoSo) to help build a robust Adobe Connect eLearning solution that met their strict requirements […]

eLearning Still Boils Down to Teacher and Student

Oct 4, 2016   /   by

41 percent of global Fortune 500 enterprises now use some sort of educational technology to support corporate training, and no wonder: with eLearning, organizations are 42% more likely to see an increase in revenue and 46 percent more likely to be leaders in their industry. But these stats are merely that: stats. Just as technology […]

How We Helped Bring the Human Touch to Kaplan Test Prep

Sep 27, 2016   /   by

Kaplan is one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers. Throughout its 75-year history, they’ve been a beacon for expanding educational access and a leader in instructional innovation. It’s Kaplan Test Prep program offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests, including entrance exams for secondary school, college, and graduate school. High school […]

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