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Zoom LTI Roadmap for the Future:
Hear what we are planning for our next Zoom LTI
release. Listen as we address customer pain points and
learn which enhancements you would like to see moving

Moderated by Kaelyn Banks – CoSo Cloud


Mike Kollen

Mike Kollen
Chief Architect, CoSo Cloud

Mike Kollen, chief architect at CoSo Cloud LLC, manages the development team responsible for building custom applications across web, mobile and desktop, focusing on extending the power of Adobe Connect, Captivate Prime and Zoom. Mike’s professional specialties include technical architecture, web-based synchronous development across the major web development platforms and e-Synchronous training. Mike pioneered the web Synchronous Training Division to Boeing employees through University of California, Irvine and co-founded the Boeing Flex and Cold Fusion User Groups. Mike founded eSyncTraining in 2009 and served as its chief architect and president. In March 2019, CoSo Cloud acquired eSyncTraining, a partner in the Adobe Connect ecosystem. Mike continually builds cutting-edge products that take virtual training and eLearning to the next level of innovation. A native Californian, Mike lives in Laguna Beach with his family. He is an avid tennis player.

AJ Gorton

AJ Gorton
Commercial Sales Manager, CoSo Cloud

AJ Gorton is CoSo Cloud’s commercial sales manager and supports its commercial customers and partners. Based in Portland, Ore., AJ has been a part of the Adobe Connect eco-system for three years. His understanding of the product includes extensions and enhancements to support a customer’s unique usage. Prior to joining CoSo, AJ worked for three years in the solar industry and remains passionate about renewable energy projects. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Oregon and attends as many Oregon Ducks games as possible.

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