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Virtual Training with Web Conferencing or a Purpose Built Classroom?

How do I add a virtual classroom on top of my WebEx web conferencing? When you want a more functional a purpose-built virtual classroom than what’s provided by your web conferencing environment what are the first steps? What do you need to look out for? How do you ensure the Virtual Classroom you add is ideal for your current material but will also grow with your organization? And most of all how do you measure it’s impact on your bottom line? This webinar will cover the most commonly evaluated criteria for virtual classroom selection and help you evaluate which to select and how to ensure it works well with learners who are accustomed to WebEx web conferencing. This webinar will explain all you need to know.


Sean Morrison

Sean Morrison
Adobe Connect Specialist

Sean Morrison is an Adobe Connect ecosystem veteran and product lead at CoSo Cloud, one the world’s largest enterprise education platform providers. Sean has more than twenty years of results bringing nascent technologies to market, with a focus on communications platforms. His background spans startups and enterprises ranging from the Department of Defense to EarthLink to Level 3 with roles focused around engineering and product development. Sean also writes for and speaks at a European technology incubator with a focus on entrepreneurship, technology, and culture.

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