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Upskilling and Reskilling Healthcare Workers:
Healthcare continuously advances and changes, practitioners need to keep pace with training and new information in order to best serve patients. With the help of eLearning, healthcare professionals can learn and complete trainings virtually on their time, and not take time spent in a classroom away from their patients.

Watch our complimentary on-demand recording to learn how to quickly and effectively reskill and upskill your employees through the use of Adobe Captivate Prime, the award-winning learning management system (LMS). Gain insight on valuable tactics to ensure your employees are learning at the highest rate possible.
Specifically, this on-demand recording will cover how healthcare managers can:
  • Evaluate skills earned by an employee or group to determine if they are on track with the current upskill plan
  • Leverage dashboard reporting and forecasting tools to encourage employee upskilling
  • Provide employees the necessary tools to advance in their trainings through skills assessments and automated recommendation plans
  • Create learning plans based on successful completion of assessments
  • Seamlessly monitor employees’ progress and make adjustments to programs based on employee skill level


Rob Porter

Rob Porter
Head of Market and Business Development

Rob Porter is Head of Market & Business Development for CoSo’s eLearning solutions. He is responsible for developing and executing corporate communications, market programs, market visibility and positioning strategy to expand CoSo’s market share in eLearning. Rob has a successful 25-year track record in instructional design and eLearning programs as well as authoring and presenting on a variety of corporate topics and learning techniques. During his career, he has built hundreds of hours of eLearning content, workshop curriculum, webinars, presentations, and multiple custom learning platforms for his customers. Rob has supported hundreds of enterprises by designing and deploying custom learning solutions which deliver content to millions of learners. He has developed state of the art learning programs for organizations such as BMW, Nike, Nikon, Johns Hopkins, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Dassault and Domino’s. Before joining CoSo Cloud, Rob founded and was a principal at Training Objectives Corp.

Mike Kollen

Mike Kollen
Chief Architect

Mike Kollen is CoSo’s Chief Architect, and responsible for the design of custom applications, subscriptions, and tools designed to boost user engagement for Virtual training and collaboration delivered through CoSo’s Application Engineering team. Mike has extensive experience as a lead web technology developer and instructor in a synchronous training environment. He has also built and designed over 60 websites and served as a Lead Architect for multiple web 1.0 and dynamic 2.0 RIA applications. In addition, Mike is the Co-Founder of the Boeing Flex and ColdFusion User Groups and an Adobe Certified Flex and ColdFusion Instructor. Mike founded eSyncTraining, an applications and tools company for Adobe Connect having provided solutions to over 400 customers, which was acquired by CoSo in March 2019. Mike received the UC Irvine 2007 Dean’s Outstanding Service and the 2005 Distinguished Instructor of the Year Awards. Mike is a native of California and currently resides in Orange County with his family.

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