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How Do Your Employees Actually Learn?

Is the ‘e’ in eLearning for Employees?

You want your employees to continue to learn and expand their skill-set to improve your bottom line, but how are actually learning?  Are they developing skills from the courses you’re providing? How are they gaining information on their own and are they retaining it?  How do you measure the various sources and tie the metrics back to performance improvement?

We’ll be presenting the latest research findings highlighting how employees really learn, and offering tips for how corporate learning professionals can leverage the time employees put in learning outside official curricula to improve employee’s skill-sets.  We’ll also highlight some of the best and frequently overlooked eLearning tools & technology that can bring even more gain to your organization.

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Sean Morrison

Sean Morrison
Adobe Connect Product Lead at CoSo Cloud

Sean Morrison is an Adobe Connect ecosystem veteran and product lead at CoSo Cloud, one the world’s largest enterprise education platform providers. Sean has more than twenty years of results bringing nascent technologies to market, with a focus on communications platforms. His background spans startups and enterprises ranging from the Department of Defense to EarthLink to Level 3 with roles focused around engineering and product development. Sean also writes for and speaks at a European technology incubator with a focus on entrepreneurship, technology, and culture.

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