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Best Practices for Effective Virtual Training

Want to ensure your virtual training comes off perfectly? We’ll cover the best practices for running a successful class in a Virtual Classroom. We’ll cover tips and tricks from learning professional and seasoned speaker Kevin Temple.  After this webinar, you’ll be successfully running engaging classes, leading to increased retention of learners, impacting your business bottom line.


Kevin Temple

Kevin Temple
Founder, The Enterprise Selling Group

Kevin Temple is the founder of The Enterprise Selling Group (ESG). As a sales leader, Kevin has led small and large sales teams to success in a variety of markets and economic conditions. As a worldwide sales training expert, Kevin has helped companies like Cisco, Dell, Polycom, Synopsys, Intel and others overcome key selling challenges and deliver measurable returns to their businesses. Kevin was an early adopter of virtual training and has used almost every major commercial web training solution to deliver virtual training. In this session, Kevin will share his best training practices for obtaining high levels of interaction as well as his favorite capabilities for supporting interactivity.

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