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A Practical Guide to Implementing a Headless LMS with Adobe Captivate Prime APIs
Watch our complimentary on-demand webinar to learn how Headless LMS’ are helping organizations reach their learners in new ways.

In this session, participants will understand how Adobe APIs are being used to create exciting learning environments that connect learners through new purpose-built experiences.


Jamal Watkins

Jamal Watkins
Adobe Captivate Prime Evangelist

- Extensive career as a Learning & Development practitioner and leader for approximately 25 years.

- Adept at influencing business processing by driving business results through the use of blended-learning and human capital management.

- Partners with key stakeholders that influence employees/customers towards achieving business goals.

- Professional passion continues to blend learning/talent principles with enabling technologies.

- Previous work experiences include industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, educational publishing, and software technologies.

Rob Porter

Rob Porter
Head of Market and Business Development

- Responsible for training and implementation services that help customers to accelerate their productivity and success with eLearning products.

- 26 years experience in instructional design and eLearning programs

- 200+ hours of eLearning content and multiple custom learning platforms

- Worked with leading corporations including BMW, Nike, Nikon, Johns Hopkins, Microsoft, and Vestas

- Supported hundreds of organizations by designing and deploying custom learning solutions Certified Adobe Captivate

- Specialist and one of the first Certified Online Training Professionals

- Has over 22 experience as a developer, designer, instructional designer, learning platform architect, and project manager.

- Founded and principal at Training Objectives, Corp.

Mike Kollen

Mike Kollen
Chief Architect

- Pioneered the web e-Synchronous Training Division for Boeing employees through UC Irvine

- UC Irvine 2007 Dean’s Outstanding Service and 2005 Distinguished Instructor of the Year Awards

- Founded eSyncTraining, built and designed over 200+ web-based applications

- Architected more than 50% of the apps on the Adobe Connect App Center

- In March 2019, CoSo Cloud acquired eSyncTraining. Mike became CoSo’s Chief Architect

- Continues to build new cutting-edge products that will take virtual training and eLearning to the next level of innovation

- Avid tennis player

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