Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Create Highly Engaging eLearning Experiences with a Customized Virtual Classroom

According to a PwC study, only 34% of CEOs said that HR is well prepared to capitalize on the transformational trends that are impacting their business. PwC
3/5 organizations cannot implement a technology emabled learning solution due to lack of skills. Ambient Insights 2012-2017 Report

Virtual classrooms designed with web conferencing, video, voice, gamification, white-boarding and animation transform the user experience by making eLearning exciting.  By creating highly immersive experiences for learners, knowledge retention is maximized, with accelerated productivity ultimately having a positive impact on the bottom line.

An Engaging Virtual Classroom Experience

Our team stays abreast of the latest engagement tools and can customize the right set for your use case.
  • Video tools to fast forward, rewind, edit, and annotate videos directly in the Virtual Classroom
  • Multi-way interactive white-boarding
  • Create mind maps and logic diagrams
  • Automatic closed captioning
  • Automatic meeting transcriptions
  • Gamification and pop quiz implementation
  • Full classroom recording and archiving capability
  • Players with mobile access and asynchronous replay for offline

Your Entire eLearning Ecosystem Customized for Your Business

Customize your eLearning technology ecosystem to support your organization’s goals and processes.
  • Full integration with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), and other Corporate eLearning, audio, and video technologies
  • Ensure compliance requirements for regulated businesses with tracking, security, authentication and access controls, and retention of electronic communications
  • Support a variety of architectures: on-premises, cloud-only, and hybrid configurations
  • Custom builds, expert managed services, custom system and LMS integration

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