Enabling Higher Learning for Accomplished Executives

CoSo listened to Wharton’s vision for an online classroom that made it easy for working professionals to fit practical, career-boosting knowledge into their busy schedules.


In 2013, Wharton asked for CoSo’s help in building a new online learning platform for its Executive Education program. Designed to help accomplished executives maintain their edge in business, the program provides courses on everything from Leadership Development to Marketing and Sales, with all lessons based on the latest market dynamics, economic conditions, and global trends.


To compete with other schools and universities as a technical innovator while preserving its reputation as the most comprehensive source of business knowledge in the world, Wharton needed to create a web-based education program that offered a far more immersive experience than the typical online learning portal.


CoSo fulfilled Wharton’s vision by delivering an immersive web-based educational offering powered by Adobe Connect with the added stability, flexibility, and performance that allows Wharton’s already accomplished business students to fit high-quality learning into their busy work and life schedules.

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