Helping Learning Tree Bring In-Class Experience to Students around the Globe

Learning Tree International relies on CoSo for the highest level of stability and scalability in order to support continued growth of the company’s online attendance platform.


Learning Tree International provides hands-on IT and Technology management training to over 2.4 million IT and business professionals employed in government and at large Fortune 500 organizations. Learning Tree's Anyware™ web-based attendance platform provides remote students with an immersive in-class learning experience by connecting them from their homes or special learning center locations with the state-of-the-art lecture halls where instructors teach live classes.


For Learning Tree, reliability and scalability is everything. If these remote students can’t log onto Learning Tree's Anyware™ web-based attendance platform or take a class without interruption, their education and productivity at work is disrupted. Sure enough, as the company began to attract more remote attendees to Anyware, virtual class sizes grew, and the platform’s performance began to slide. Some students were unable to log on, video and audio quality was not the desired level. The company needed to resolve its issues—quickly.


Learning Tree tapped CoSo for expert managed and professional services to transform the organization’s Adobe Connect deployment, resulting in a reliable and immersive eLearning experience for instructors and students alike. In working with CoSo, Learning Tree was able to maintain complete control over its environment, allowing them to deliver their services most cost-effectively, plan around their own maintenance windows, reallocate resources at will, and have a direct hand in overall network performance.

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