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What is CoSo Hinge?

CoSo Hinge provides an organization's team members and/or customers the ability to access Captivate Prime without requiring an email address via a custom login page. If some of your employees do not have an email address, this application fills the gap and integrates with existing Single Sign On solutions.

CoSo Hinge Examples

Features and Functionality

Within many organizations, team members such as janitors, landscapers, bus drivers, field, delivery, and others ensure businesses run efficiently, but typically do not use email addresses. CoSo Hinge enables those key people the same access to Captivate Prime as the rest of the organization. Learners can enter through a custom branded login page. When the whole organization is connected, everyone wins.

Target Audience

Include all learners, even if they do not have an email address such as:

  • Factory/Warehouse staff
  • Field personnel
  • Landscape/Maintenance staff

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