Closed Captioning

Ensure All Users Can Utilize the Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Platform, Regardless of Language Barriers or Accessibility Constraints

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Ensure everyone gets the most out of your meeting

Facilitates real-time captioning line-by-line, or word-by-word, to ensure that all users can utilize the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform, regardless of language barriers or accessibility constraints. Features like rewind and fast-forward, customizable font size and color, multiple language outputs, and the ability to save and download transcripts, enhance the experience for meeting attendees, making it easy and convenient to ensure accessibility to all.

Close Captioning Key Benefits

Key Benefits & Features

  • Users can record a transcript of the captioning and export to text or HTML.
  • DVR-style rewind, fast forward and speed control features that work in real-time and within the recording archives.
  • Built-in connections to leading real-time transcription services for quick access, including and Caption First.
  • Enhance readability with the choice of color, contrast options as well as font size for caption display.
  • The optional display allows each participant to display captions or not.
  • Contains multiple concurrent tracks of captioning for multi-lingual audiences.
  • Maximize usable space by the ability to show/hide menu.

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